Anne Rice On Man-Wolves, "White Collar," and Why Her Immortals Would Never Go to High School

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 2:23 PM

Anne Rice laid the foundations in so many ways for authors writing paranormal fiction today, and much of her early work still stands out for me as the turn-to books when it comes to creatures of the night. The Wolf Gift is no exception, and it does, as the Wall Street Journal noted, bring "vintage Anne Rice" to mind as it grapples with a "gothic, violent, gory, metaphysical" voyage into the supernatural. Watch our full Q&A with her (also available on our our YouTube channel.)

Some of the best moments from the talk included her reflections on today's popular paranormalists. Anne noted that she enjoys how writers today are "domesticating" vampires, and realizes it's a path her own vampires would never have taken. She also reveals her inspiration for the houses in her books. She built The Wolf Gift's opulent Nideck Point estate "block by block, floorboard by floorboard" with memories of the wonderful houses she's lived in, and with her admiration for great fictional houses in mind (like Rochester's in Jane Eyre and Miss Havisham's in Great Expectations).

We live-streamed our Q&A for fans outside of Google, many of whom submitted questions online for us to share with Anne in the course of the interview. I'd like to extend a big thanks for fans' participation and enthusiasm--your questions sparked some great discussion and we enjoyed how the event was so interactive.

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