Barcode your bookshelf with Google Books

Friday, June 05, 2009 at 9:58 AM

This week, a Google software engineer named Matt Cutts posted a great Google Books tip on the Google Webmaster Central YouTube Channel. Using a simple USB-powered barcode scanner, Matt shows how you can easily add your books from off your bookshelf at home to the My Library feature in Google Books.

To get started, simply follow the My library link when browsing on Google Books, then click on the Import Books link. Rather than type in the ISBNs by hand, you can use a barcode scanner to read and import the ISBN from the barcode on the back of each hard copy book in your collection.

Once imported, you can rate them and view these titles in My Library on Google Books. The real power of this tip? You can then use Google Books-powered search to browse just the books in you own home library. Check out the details in this video!



Dee M said...

How do you scan multiple ISBN codes at once ?

Dee M said...

On this page it saids to go to MY Lib. and then click on the inport books link, but there is no link on my screen. Can some one help please ?