From the Mailbag: Report scanning errors in a cinch

Tuesday, February 19, 2008 at 9:47 AM

Welcome to another edition of "From the Mailbag," where we respond to emails from Google Book Search users. This week's message comes from Albert F., who writes:
"I can't find a way to report a scanned book in the Google repository that has page corruption (specifically a hand where text should appear). It would be nice to have some kind of link in the browser that specifically says something like Report a problem with this book rather than the generic 'general feedback' link."
Albert, it seems that you share an ESP-like connection with Google engineers, because we've been working on just this feature. You'll now find a link next to all book pages on Google Book Search which allows you to submit an unreadable page to our team for review. There's no need to fill anything out – when you click this link, we'll detect the issue with the page you're looking at and get on the case. Here's where you'll find the link:

So it's not exactly "Report a problem with this book," but hey, we're pretty close! We're always working to make sure that we're showing accurate scans for the books in our index, and this is an important step towards that goal. Don't worry, though – if you want to send us feedback as before, you can still do so from this page.


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