Denver on my mind

Monday, June 25, 2007 at 12:42 PM

I got the chance to visit Denver, Colorado earlier this month for the 2007 SLA (Special Libraries Association) conference. It was great to chat with librarians from around the country about Google, but I quickly fell in love with all things that had to do with the Mile High City:

Denver omelette, extra bell peppers.
• Denver Nuggets (NBA Finals 2008, 'Melo and Iverson)
• John Denver album “Rocky Mountain High,” featuring the track “Rocky Mountain High

Since I'm always excited to find something new to read, I searched for a John Denver biography on Google Book Search. The recent addition of metadata-only records to our index has expanded the number of books I've been able to find. John Denver's autobiography Take Me Home looks like a book that’s definitely worth checking out to learn more about the late folk singer.

I was also excited to find Floyd Little's Tales From the Broncos Sideline, in anticipation of football season - my uncle is HUGE fan of the Blue and Orange (note to self: stop writing about potential birthday presents on blog).

So while my heart is in San Francisco, Denver is definitely on my mind.


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