Spring Travel to Seattle

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 3:26 PM

Last month I went to visit a friend in Seattle. Wanting to make the most of it, I did three things to prepare: (1) I asked my friends for advice on where to go, (2) read up on Seattle's demographics, major economic players, and history, and (3) perused Google eBooks for travel guides.

Initially, I simply typed "Seattle" in the Google eBooks search box, but then I decided to refine my search "By Subject," and selected “Travel."

After scanning the samples for Our Seattle by Barbara Sleeper and Mike Sedam, Frommer's Seattle 2011, Seattle by Beth Taylor, as well as countless other titles, I settled on one, loaded it onto an eReader, and packed for my flight.

I'm happy to report the trip was lovely and the weather held. I ended up being able to fit a lot into my two and a half days. I made it to the Space Needle, which was crucial to my trip as it reminds me of the film Sleepless in Seattle, my many years watching Frasier and of course, the Twilight Saga - not to mention Robert Pattinson's oh-so-famous pout! We also spent time in Belltown, Pike's Place Market, and Capitol Hill. I even snuck in a trip on Seattle's Central Link light rail, which was remarkably quiet, mostly above ground, and rivaled New York's subway system in terms of cleanliness.

Last, but not least, you'll be happy to hear that I made it to meet the Fremont troll.


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