Hobby hunting

Monday, October 23, 2006 at 2:51 PM

Last week I was on a college campus interviewing students. Reading the fine print at the bottom of their resumes, where most students had a "personal interests" section, reminded me of my own hobbies left neglected as of late. From hiking to civil war history, bungee jumping to chess, and dance marathons to "late-night rhyming sessions" these students had it all.

My own favorite hobby -- when I was a college student and since -- is jewelry making. Inspired by these students, I went home to assess my gem collection and dust off some gold wire that I hadn't touched in months. But the inspiration was lacking. I'd been through my books a number of times (Making Designer Bead & Wire Jewelry is a good one for beginners), but I needed something new, so I turned to Google Book Search.

Soon enough, I found a book that seemed particularly promising after reading the sample pages -- so I bought a copy of The Complete Book of Jewelry Making. If you want to dabble yourself, why not try something quick and easy, like Quick & Easy Wire Jewelry: 18 Step-By-Step Projects - Simple to Make, Stunning Results. Or for more of an overview of techniques from anodizing to stone setting, the The Encyclopedia of Jewelry-Making Techniques may be the way to go.

Of course I browse online for inspiration from some of my favorite designers and take a look at tips and how-tos, but sometimes, when you're knee deep in beads and there are little wire pieces scattered around the coffee table, there's something to be said for having a great book in your hands.


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