Cite-seeing with Google Book Search

Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 2:27 PM

Google Book Search presents an exciting possibility for researchers of every kind: since each page of each book has its own unique URL, it's easy to share direct citations to individual pages.

Not long ago we told you about how one person, Bernie Robichau, searched for his last name and found details about his family history. But he's hardly alone; there are groups of people investigating their shared ancestry, unearthing and documenting pieces of history they've discovered in books.

One cool example is Alabama Genealogy in Color, a blog written by a group of "family history researchers with African American Alabama ancestry" to share the "triumphs and trials" of their personal research. Check out this post from July 19th to see how the group uses Google Book Search citations to point readers to particular pages in books.


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